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22 Million Transactions
= 22 Million Opportunities

Since its inception in 1994, Debitsuccess, part of the Transaction Services Group, has experienced dramatic growth. The company has gone from providing billing services for the  fitness industry to being one of the largest full-service billing initiators, servicing a wide range of industries.

They initiate over 22 million transactions annually, with a value in excess of $1 billion, billing for more than 3,000 businesses.

Debitsuccess customers are B2B (companies they contract with) and B2C (the customers of those companies they interact with). Their business model bases its success on the experience of their customers and their customers’ customers.

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Genesis, a member of Belgravia Leisure group (the latter consisting of over 100 aquatic, sport, health and wellness facilities across Australia and New Zealand), prides itself on the way they help community members, and customer feedback is vital to ensuring they are helping in the best possible ways.

Unfortunately, the old system of collecting comment cards wasn’t working. People rarely picked up a card or filled it out and turned it in. Instead they simply went away. Genesis felt blind to the customer experience at the club level. 

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Why do they strive to be customer-obsessed?



Our key focus is on the interaction with the many different groups of end-user customers, we need to not only get it right for ourselves but we need to ensure our customers’ customers are getting the right experience at the right time.

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