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How Fleetio Drives a Customer-Obsessed Culture With Real-Time NPS

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Meeting Complex Customer Needs at Scale. 

Since Fleetio is a multi-product SaaS company, understanding customer sentiment at every touch point (within the mobile app, each feature set, corporate website, etc), is essential to the product development, and of course, customer retention efforts. 

Fleetio needed a real-time, always-on approach to understanding and taking action on how customers were feeling about and experiencing the brand, the product, marketing assets and everything in between. 

By honing in on customer experience and customer happiness, Fleetio was able to show, not just talk about, how useful their product is in the marketplace. By leveraging the Net Promoter framework as a score, Fleetio was able to show customer happiness across many product touchpoints. As a result, the Fleetio sales team has received feedback on customer happiness metrics during large, enterprise sales pitches.

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From product development to customer success to internal communications strategy, AskNicely, when used with Salesforce, creates a nexus of feedback that allows Plansource to retain customers, reduce churn and increase revenue.  
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Customer Happiness as a Winning Sales Pitch 


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